Boron - history and present

Hi, my name is Lubos Toth but people call me Kuba and I am the leader of my group Boron for more than thirty years. As the time has passed many musicians have been coming and leaving my band so it's time to look back and recall some important episodes from the history.
In the first group, let's call it Boron 1, played : Kuba Toth - guitar, Štefan Lašák - guitar, Vojtěch Martínek - bass guitar, Milan Balog and Karel Marek - drums, Gerhard Doubek - lyrics. I mustn't forget Karel Popperstein who played the keybord but he never performed with us in public because after a short time he got another offer.
All those people loved music and playing in the band and therefore they had to give up many things - their free time, money and, of course, their private lives. The history teaches us that women caused many world conflicts and Boron was not any exeption. Those  were the days when we were fully wrapped in music, worked hard, there was no time for compromises so one day the musicians had to decide what they really want and make a choice  between their  wives who didn't like their husbands' hobbies and the music itself. Unfortunately the wives won and some musicians left our band.
So the new Boron 2 was formed with Kuba and Vojta plus two new musitians - Aleš Tlustý (drums) and Jiří Pauer (vocals).This band played abroad a lot, e.g. in Austria where we had many fans and even our fanclub. We performed in the Czech Republic as well,we played our concerts almost every weekend . Even though it was couple of years ago we used a very good equipment - we had 60 lights attended by Stáňa Tothová, 3 alive lights and a sound system attended by my very old friend Honza Škoda who has been my sound mixer for a long time. In the mean time Vojta left our band and his place was taken by Jiří Fischbach and later by František Keller. Unfortunately neither this formation lasted long and I must mention that there were not only the women who played a big role in breaking up but also conceit of some players.
Disappointed with that experience I decided to address to my friends who I had known since my childhood and we created Boron 3. I invited Blechschmidt brothers ( JIří - drums,  Milan - guitar) and Stanislav Beran - bass guitar. A half year later we appeared on TV in Rockmapa program  and I was asked to  give many interviews in several music magazines.
But as far as we know the history repeats, so guess what? Yes the "woman syndrom"  caused that Milan "Špiky" Blechschmidt stopped playind with the band. At the same time we were invited to record a new CD. What did I do ? I threw the invitation into the trash can.
After that we decided to change our former music style and started playing the music which souded much harder. Soon people called us "the Czech Pantera".
But Jiří did not like that kind of music thus we had to deal with another change  again - Pavel Incédy joined us and sat down behing the drums. Iin that new formation played : Kuba - guitar and vocals, Pavel Incédy - drums, Stanislav Beran - bass guitar. The last mentioned player also left the band therefore we, Pavel and I,had been playing without any bass guitarist for about a year, which also was an interesting and challenging experience.
In the folowing period of our band's history some other bass guitar players alternated but despite that we were able to keep our high quality level of playing.
I woulld like to mention my nephew Martin Bok who represents a very important role in the life of Boron. Martin plays the drums and he is the only musician from all the people  I have met in my life who understands what the music is about. He knows that music is the life, the lifesyle.
I apologize for not mentioning names of all the people I have ever played with. Please, don't be angry with me, I wish you all good luck .
Now the musicians playing in Boron are Kuba - guitar and vocals, Martin Bok - drums and František Keller - bass guitar. With these people I am trying to open another door in this polymorphous music world. It is not easy at all however I hope we will do it.